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Making true connections in a Facebook world

"There's something about actually being together that's essential to being a person."

Job-hopping Gen Yers aren’t disloyal. They’re smart

"Loyalty's a two-way street, and ambition's only as good as the life it gets you."

Tattoo nation

"Ask most people what they think of tattoos and you get a pretty good idea of who they are."

Gen Yers lack confidence, behave like idiots

"Is it any surprise that Yers are quick to move to the next opportunity—to be 'disloyal'?"

Using your contacts without making them feeling used

"If there were ever a more important time to network, I can't remember it."

A management strategy that works for young employees

"If there's one place in corporate America that could use some innovating, it's management."

Worst week ever

"It was a strange day on 50th St. And for more prosaic reasons than you might think."

Love blooms at the office

"These are, as they say, work friends. But he so wishes they were more."

Managing Mom and Dad

"If you can't just say, 'Mom and Dad, get a life,' what exactly can you do?"

Yers won’t settle

"In all this turmoil, the silver lining for some people is the potentially broken Gen Y spirit."

Parents gone wild

"Why are people our moms' age trying so hard to be twentysomethings again?"

Conversations: A cautionary tale from 30,000 feet

"There usually isn't much talking on early-morning flights out of New York City."

5 (Gen Y) signs of the apocalypse

"Yers are getting older, and coming to grips with what exactly our future might hold."



Dealing with Gen 'Why'  (Photo:  Madhavi Kuram )

Dealing with Gen 'Why' (Photo: Madhavi Kuram)

Looking past the tat  (Photo:  Deanna Wardin )

Looking past the tat (Photo: Deanna Wardin)

Why Facebook wins votes  (Photo:  Marco Paköeningrat )

Why Facebook wins votes (Photo: Marco Paköeningrat)


Love on the clock

Love on the clock

Hey, parents: Act your age  (Photo:  CleaningQuickie )

Hey, parents: Act your age (Photo: CleaningQuickie)

3 resolutions for the boss  (Photo:  bayasaa )

3 resolutions for the boss (Photo: bayasaa)